Hello! :D

My name is bee!I am a digital artist who enjoys making cute and funny merch, drawing fanart, playing video games and talking about my hobbies!
I aspire to participate in more events!

Chinese-Canadian artist
enjoyer of anime, video games, cute animals, internet culture and funny memes
multilingual - english/français/中文/日本

✧・: * portfolio * :・✧

fanart (anime, games, etc.)

original artwork

traditional artwork

+ more art on my social medias!

✧・: * commission info * :・✧

I draw:
OCs Portraits Game Avatars Game/Anime Characters Pets and Family/Friends
I can also create/do the following:
Stream Assets (Animated) Emotes/Badges Character Design Merch Design

I do not draw:
Gore Nudity Primarily Mechanical/Mecha designs

Please contact me by email or on Instagram about commission inquiries!

My General Process

Receive Commission Inquiry
Approve Commission
Deposit must be received before any commission work is begun!
Receive Deposit (50% of total commission price)
Sketch + Revisions
Receive approval of the Sketch
Complete the commissioned piece(s)
Receive remaining payment (other 50% of total commission price)
Digital delivery of the artwork(s)
Process may vary! It is the responsibility of the commissioner to save/back up commissions!

Terms of Service

By commissioning me, you (the commissioner) have read and agreed to all of the following: Deposit of 50% of total commission price after your inquiry is accepted.
Total price of the commission agreed upon by both parties.
Remaining 50% of total commission price sent before commission is sent to you.
Commissions are for personal use only unless otherwise discussed before the commission is used.
You are allowed up to 3 free sketch revisions. Additional revisions are chargeable. There will be no major revisions after the sketch draft has been approved.
Commission will take roughly 1-4 weeks. Please state if you need the commission by an exact date (rush fee may apply).
I (the artist) reserve all rights to:
Decline, cancel and/or refund your commission for any reason at any time.
Use the commission and commissioned piece(s) to promote myself.
Post/display the commission's creation and the completed piece(s) anywhere I'd like (social media, website, artbook, etc.) at any given point in time.
You (the commissioner) may:
Upload the completed commission(s) if there is visible credit to @justabeesy or @justabee.
Use the commissioned piece(s) for personal use only (streaming, profile pictures, etc.) unless otherwise discussed before use. Please contact me if you would like to discuss changes in use for completed commissions.
You may not:
Alter, trace, or copy the commission(s) without my permission.
Use the completed commission(s) for profit and/or commercial purposes (reproduction, distribution, sale, etc.) unless discussed otherwise and approved beforehand.

✧・: * events * :・✧

Alberta Esports Expo (2023)

Cuties Market - Sakura Edition (2023)

Otafest - Charity Sketch Drive (2023)

Game Discovery Exhibition (2023)

Century Park Market (2023)

Game Con Canada (2023)

Otafest - Charity Sketch Drive (2024)

Mochi Market (2024)